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Small business:

We the company owners are out in the field, there’s no complacency with clients, every client is important to us, we give personalized service and are there to provide a reliable service in an hour of need.


At Inspector Jet we are a family based Perth plumbing business that specialize in blocked drains. Our staff are very friendly and happy to do what we can to provide the best plumbing services for the people of Western Australia. Our values reflect that of a modern day society and through our work ethic, women friendly services and personality we aim to develop a trustworthy relationship with all our clients.

We are hard-working members of society, we are honest and open with our communication, we do what we say and set out to do every time. We are a reliable passionate company that can ease the pain of a difficult or emergency situation through our happy and friendly approach and experience and professionalism.

Experience and pricing:

We are experienced professional plumbing contractors that have been involved in all areas and stages of plumbing work. Plumbing is often about problem solving and with experience, solutions and causes can be identified and solved quickly saving you your hard earned money. Our pricing is competitive and fair, our personal values will back this up.

Equipment and hours of operation:

With experience comes knowledge that if you don’t have the right or best tools for the job, jobs can take longer. This is why we use the latest and best plumbing technology to ensure your problem is solved quickly giving you the best possible outcome financially. Being on call 24hrs and quick response time gives us the best opportunity to solve emergency problems that can’t wait.


PROFESSIONAL PLUMBERS- Friendly, informative and knowledgeable.

EXPERT PLUMBING AND BLOCKAGE SOLUTIONS: We solve problems with experience and knowledge.

ANY SIZE AND TYPE OF JOBS: We have the equipment to do it all.

IMMEDIATE BOOKINGS AND RESPONSE: From fast response same day emergencies to plumbing inconveniences.

SERVICE AREAS: The whole Perth region and outer suburbs.

24HR EMERGENCY SERVICE: Here for you in a time of need.

GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE: We will make you smile at a job well done, and restore your faith in good service at a good price.





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