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Perth Restaurants and plumbing problems

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Jan 15, 2020

Perth is known for its quality dining experiences. Whether its fine waterfront dining is known for its seafood cuisine or eclectic Freemantle dining options. Or gourmet foods from Swan Valley or quality wines from the Margaret River region. The Perth city center restaurants have a broad selection of international cuisines such as Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian or other European…

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InspectorJet Plumbing Equipment – Only the best for YOU!

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Dec 20, 2019

TOOLS USED BY INSPECTORJET SKILLED PLUMBERS The skilled plumber has also the following industry-recognized quality equipment to solve your drainage problems: Rigid SeeSnake: this “reptile” takes clear pictures for customers to see and understand the blockage problem. It allows the skilled plumber to quickly solve the blockage. Rigid SeeSnake Monitor: this handheld monitor takes still…

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Have Roots in Your Plumbing Got You Down?

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Dec 19, 2019

ROOTS IN PLUMBING This problem shows up when any of your draining systems (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) drain slowly and/or gurgle. Remember roots seek moisture. If there is a break or gap in your plumbing system outside your dwelling, roots will find the gap and cause problems. If you have tried your best to clear the…

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Summer’s here – What to do if the heat causes water supply problems

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Dec 17, 2019

With 40-degree temperatures causing Perth to swelter under the heat, what do you do if your water supply gets impacted? Firstly, stay aware of the potential problems before the problems occur. The Water Authority publishes scheduled upcoming outages ahead of time. They list the schedule on their website, like such: How can InspectorJet help? Contact…

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Are all Plumbing Companies above board?

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Nov 21, 2019

It shocked us to read of an elderly Perth couple who got taken to the cleaners by a local Perth Plumbing company that replaced pipes in the roof with new ones and charged the couple around $15,000 for the job. After their daughter, Karen got involved the bill was more than halved. We at InspectorJet…

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Grease Trap Problems to Avoid in Your Restaurant

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Oct 13, 2019

As every restaurant owner knows, keeping operation clicking on all cylinders can be challenging. And with all the other pressing priorities simple maintenance routines need to be prioritised as well. Grease traps are a standard feature, used in restaurants to ensure solids, fats, oil, and grease (known as FOGs), get removed before getting flushed into…

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Buying a house in Melville, WA? Avoid Inheriting a Plumbing Nightmare!

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Sep 17, 2019

Buying a house in Melville? Welcome, neighbour! I’m Andrew. My family and I have also called Melville home. We love this family-friendly community and we wish you all the best making a good choice. Some of the reasons we chose Melville home includes the following: 1) There are less than 6,000 residents. We love having…

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Is your house challenged with low water pressure? What steps can you take to diagnose the problem?

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Aug 9, 2019

LOW WATER PRESSURE The Water Authority in Perth has committed to deliver 20 litres of water per minute. See Has there been a change to your water pressure recently, or has it always been bad? If it is a recent outage, the first step would be to check if there is a current outage…

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How to Avoid Selecting the Wrong Plumbing Company

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Jul 18, 2019

4 Must-Have Factors to look for in a plumbing company? Licensing: It is important that the company you select to work on your home or business is properly licensed in your town, city or state. Insurance: Trusting your plumbing job to a friend or family member may turn out to be a disaster if something…

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