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Perth Plumbing Gallery Photos

These are real images of client plumbing problems. Stay safe from potential problems by calling us ahead of disaster.

Balls and lego removed from drains.

Plastic toy ball lodged in stormwater pipe.

Balls and toys removed from drain in a daycare centre.

Locating an old grease trap under rubber matting in a daycare centre.

Pump pit full to the brim of grease from grease trap. The pump was removed and replaced due to pump fault.

Grease trap on the verge of overflowing due to pump in pump pit not operating properly.

Installation of a basin with thermostatic mixing valve and foot operated water valve.

Sub water meter cut in for sporting pavilion.

Object blocking shower drain.                        Removal of object. 🙂

Basin installed in commercial restaurant with saniflo pump system underneath.

Replaced section of drain from earthenware to pvc.

Custom made copper and brass basin tap.

Build up of grease and fats blocking and causing slow draining kitchen sinks.

Broken sewer internal drain view.                              Excavated broken section.                     Repaired section of sewer pipe.

Before and after sewer drain jetting due to build up of sand in the drain.

Our drain camera gear can find any plumbing issues.

Our new Nano reel capable of going through 20mm piping.

Our Ridgid Nano reel vs Mini reel

Difference in camera head sizes of our Nano and Mini reels

Bright lights in the camera head for perfect picture quality.

Look at that crisp clear image from our new drain camera.

Melted pvc pipe drain in commercial kitchen along with a foreign metal object

Root growth through cracked pvc fitting.

Damaged pvc pipe

Earthenware drains and root intrusion is a common problem in house sewers.

Broken inspection cap and cap insert twisted in the drain causing a catch point.

Old earthenware pipe tree roots penetration through an inspection opening. Before Jetting.

Inspection opening after jetting.

Residential whole house 3 stage filter with isolation valves either side.

Drain was melted from hot waste water in a factory. Drain was excavated and replaced with HDPE piping.

Melted pvc drain in a commercial kitchen from hot waste water from a combi oven. This was replaced with copper.

Electro fusion welding

Sluice valve and clamped pipe.

Badgingarra ring fire main for a fruit picking warehouse

Hydrant install.

2 sluice valves to isolate sections of a ring fire main.

Sluice valve for ring fire main.

Fruit picking shed hydrant install.

Transair pipework and fittings.

Air filters for compressed air.

Air lines for industrial air compressor

New Signage for our utes

grease trap

Grease trap lids needed to be lifted to clear a blockage.

Repair coupling with tree root growth growing in it.

tree roots in drains

Old earthenware to PVC adaptor where root growth can be seen.

tree roots. sewer drains

Drain replacement- Before

drainage, sewer pipes, plumbing

Drain Replacement- After

perth backflow, plumbing. backflow testing

2x RPZD valves at a warehouse

drain camera inspections

Ridgid mini reel and monitor in action

Drain camera inspections, ridgid camera

After hours drain camera inspections and jetting in commercial restaurant

drain cleaning

15m whip hose comes in handy for small diameter piping.

backflow testing, RPZD

RPZD backflow valve testing should be done annually.

Drain blockages

Construction rubble down a inspection shaft, choc a block.

Drainage, tree roots, pvc to eartheware pipe.

What sort of PVC to earthenware connection is this?

tree roots in pipes

large fiborous tree roots, got it in one go.


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