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We are a Perth based plumbing company that services and cleans all systems of piping throughout the residential, industrial and commercial industries.

At Inspector Jet we possess a number of different tools that are used to clear blockages. Our most effective however is the drain jetter that is able to blast water at high pressure through your blocked drains. Drain jetting or Hydro jetting is a highly effective and efficient way of clearing clogged or blocked drains. It’s far more versatile than a drain machine which uses metal cutting heads that attach to a coiled spring rod that is rotated through the drain. By using water in drain jetting as the cutting agent we are able to clean the whole internal diameter of the pipe more thoroughly and clean sludge and grease which clings to the sides of the piping.

The nozzle or head of the jetting hose is interchangeable, this allows for us to be able to choose the required specialized head with different jet configurations, depending on the blockage material, amount of the blockage present and pipe diameter and pipe material.

Blockages may include paper build up, tree roots, sand from breakages, sewer build up and construction material or foreign objects. We have yet to encounter one of these materials that the jetter can’t handle.

One of the benefits of having a drain jetting machine is its capacity to handle grease line cleaning. Grease lines in commercial kitchens require regular maintenance otherwise blockages from grease build up can quickly occur resulting in major jobs and loss of the clients service hours while we deal with the problem.

Our high pressure jetter is able to blast water at 4000psi cutting or dislodging the blockage without damaging pipework. The pump is mounted on our vehicle with 60m of jetting hose on a mobile reel. This allows us to get in close to all blockages. For smaller diameter pipes we possess a 15m whip hose that allows greater access around tighter bends. Backward facing jets on the jet nozzles that we use, help propel the hose along the pipes meaning you can get the job done inside or out with minimal mess.

We are well trained in the use of our machines and operate safely under the AS4233.1, which is the Australian industry standards for high pressure water jetting systems.


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