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Are you planning an extension- need to know where septic and leach drain systems are? You’ve looked up all the required documents but it doesn’t seem to be marked, but you know its somewhere out the back of your property.

Or maybe you are a plumber and you need to locate pipework and sewer apparatus’s under driveways, hard to reach places and in rocky area’s with hard digging, so you can start work or servicing the systems without too much time wasted locating them.

With our cctv camera with built in sonde device, we are able to do this with ease. We place the camera down the drain and push it through while watching the video feed on the colour monitor. As we move through the drain you can see where the pipes branch off and as we keep going we will reach the inlet of the septic tank.

Our locator is then used to pick up the signal in the sonde which is located in the camera head.

The locator is waved over the ground surface until the signal pitch is at its strongest, at this point we are also able to give an exact depth that the camera is sitting at below the grounds surface.

The septic location is then marked and the camera can be pulled through the drain, marking it as you go. This effectively maps out the drain network and we can mark on the ground where the drain runs.

This method allows customers the opportunity to visually see from our above ground markings where their sewer, grease or storm water systems run and can help them plan building extensions or if you’re a plumber, job costing’s for your client.


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