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At Inspector Jet our priorities are to maintain and service our customers plumbing issues to the best of our ability. Our professional experienced staff with the help of our top of the range equipment are able to quickly diagnose problems and solve the issues leaving you feeling happy and confident in our services.

What we can do for you:

  • Hot water unit changeovers and installations
  • Repair leaking, dripping taps
  • Emergency burst water pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Replacement toilet cisterns and pans
  • Tap repairs and installations
  • Gas fitting repairs and installations
  • Appliance installations

Drain Maintenance

Maintaining your piping systems isn’t something that a lot of us think of. But neglecting them until they block up completely can result in an expensive fix and can be avoided through a maintenance schedule.

What requires a maintenance schedule:

Commercial kitchens require some sort of maintenance schedule for their grease lines. Grease is a nasty byproduct of that tasty food we eat on a regular or not so regular basis, a large portion of this grease ends up down the kitchen’s pipes. As the fats, oils and grease cool once they enter the pipes they turn from a liquid to solids and become sticky. Grease clings to the internal diameter of the pipes and you can imagine how many times a day the process of hot fat or oils being poured down the sink, cooled and turning to solids occurs. The diameter of the pipe gets smaller and smaller as the process is repeated.

However this can be avoided by a regular drain cleaning maintenance schedule and also the amount of grease entering your pipe system can be greatly reduced through educating staff. Something as simple as waiting till oils and fats cool and then scrapping them into the bin can go a long way and can save you costly repairs.

Storm water pipes can be another situation where you may just need to do a bit of drain cleaning maintenance. Storm water systems become clogged with sludge and leaves over the changing of the seasons, don’t let the first heavy rain of the winter be your cue to act.

Your property maybe old enough to have earthenware piping. This is terracotta looking pipes. This is easy to check by simply being able to view inspections or relief gullies around the outside of your house or property. If you do have earthenware pipes tree roots become a big issue over time. These old drains were laid in metre long sections and joining the sections were rubber o rings or cement joints. As established plants roots grow their roots find their way into these joints through cracks and once they are in, will continually grow.

Even cleaning the internal of the pipe with the high pressure jetter, roots will continually return. It might take 3 months or 10 months but they will grow back to again create a blockage.

To avoid having to replace the drains in pvc pipe we apply a EPA accepted aquatic herbicide product every 12-18 months to your pipe system to kill off and keep the roots at bay.

This product foams on contact with water. The foam fills the entire pipe reaching the top of the pipe where 90% of root growth occurs. It takes 30 minutes to apply and can prevent root growth and kill off any remaining roots without effecting the plant itself.


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