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Have you got a blockage that you are unable to locate but you know it’s there through the continual slow draining, gurgling or overflowing of plumbing fixtures?


Maybe you suspect that the roots of the trees or shrubs that you planted 5 or 10 years ago have begun to invade your drainage pipes or you are a builder or plumber yourself and need sewer and storm water pipes inspected for peace of mind before concrete paths are laid around the house.

All this can be achieved through our cctv camera systems, we give a clear picture of what you can’t see. We are also able to take photos and videos from within the drain for you to store or show to clients or builders.

We practice the following steps when we are called out to a blockage:

  • Before blockages are released we inspect the problem with a cctv push cable camera that emits a bright light inside the drain, this allows us to see the issue on the colour monitor.
  • The camera and monitor allows us to take photos or videos and show the customer the problem in a report or dvd after.
  • The camera head has a device called a sonde in it, this genius device allows us to locate the exact position and depth of the camera within the drain if needed. This is done through a handheld locator which picks up its signal.
  • This means minimum excavation is required if problems have to be dug up and repaired.





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