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Blocked Drain Overview

  • Have you got blocked drains? Why do they always happen at inconvenient times? You’ve probably got people coming over or are hosting an event, right?
  • You may have tried a few things in the past that have worked, like plunging, hot water, vinegar or even chemicals like drain`o’, but this time you just don’t have the time or patience to deal with it.
  • At Inspector Jet we are quick, efficient and complete our work to 100% satisfaction to all our customers. We are on call 24hrs a day to clear your drainage issues. Our vehicles are equipped with the top of the range equipment to clear all blockages and are manned by fully qualified plumbers.
  • High pressure jetting equipment and cctv cameras are fed into the drain to locate the exact point of the blockage with ease. No mess or digging pot holes to find the blockage. We are in and out leaving no trace.
Plumbing blocked drain
Drain camera inspection and hydrojetting

The camera system we use is fed down the piping and a clear picture is relayed back to our hand held monitor. This enables us to see the cause of the blockage. Within the camera head there is device called a sonde. This device sends out a signal and it’s this signal that we use to pin point the exact positioning of the camera within the drain if needed. This is done through a hand held locator that hones in on the signal.

Along with a high pressure jetting system that we use to blast blockages we also have equipment like toilet augers, electric eels and grappler hooks that tackle smaller issues. By having this equipment we ensure that we provide the most efficient and best services we are capable of.

Do you suspect you have a blockage somewhere but aren’t quite sure and don’t want to consult the services of Inspector Jet if they aren’t required?

Here’s a few signs to help you with your decision.

If the following events are occurring this suggests you may have a blockage:

  • Gurgling of water in traps of, sinks, basins and toilets.
  • Bad odours coming from drains.
  • Drop in water level of toilet.
  • Slow draining of fixtures, ie. Basins, sinks.
  • Over flowing of gully outside.


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