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Plumbers of Perth and the surrounding areas if you’ve got a plumbing blockage at a client’s house and can’t reach it or don’t have the specialized equipment to view it, locate it and clear it or there’s just not enough room in your vehicle to carry the necessary specialised drain cleaning gear. Whatever the reason.

Give us a call at Inspector Jet, we can help out.

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Being plumbers ourselves we know that construction sites can have some heavy machinery driving around over top of all our drains. Open pipes inside also seem to be a place to pour waste water and other materials from construction. Also scaffolding, timber and other materials are often dropped from a height which pierce into the ground below.

All these things can result in blocked drains with construction rubble and also broken or squashed pipes.

Of course we can’t see these things until we get a call back from a builder saying the owner’s drains are blocked and they’ve only moved in 2 or 3 months ago.

It’s then that you realize that the house is surrounded by an exposed aggregate concrete path and the blockage is more than likely under it.

To avoid all these issues we offer camera inspections of all the drains within the property, this will show whether the weight of vehicles have caused pipes to dip or if there is construction rubble in the line or broken pipe sections.


  • We clearing storm water, sewer, grease and all forms of piping systems that are required.
  • We take your phone calls 24hrs a day 7 days a week.
  • Just a phone call and information about the issue and we can get to work solving the problem. We clear the blockage and report back to you the plumber, with videos and pictures from our cctv camera showing the issue.
  • This way you can present the findings to your customer and suggest the action to take.
  • You can also call the client there and then with the information we’ve relayed to you and you can give us the go ahead to unblock the drain or fix the issue. Simple and no hassle work, with clear communication between all parties involved.
  • Invoices are sent out with a report which includes pictures and videos, so these can be forwarded to your client.


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