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Industrial warehouse drains can become blocked and become a headache as toilets over flow and workers have no other facilities on site. Inspector Jet solves all this with quick response time and fast efficient work.

Along with sewer drainage, storm water drainage can become a problem as heavy rains pool and overflow through excess sludge or leaves in the piping systems. We can perform pit to pit clearing of storm water drains and also from down pipes to pits. Removal of building rubble from piping is also a common cause of blockages within industrial properties.

Our high pressure jetting hose solves these problems as we blast out the sludge and leaf matter build up, allowing free flowing pipework once again.


  • First of all we take your calls 24hrs a day 7 days a week.
  • Our response time is fast and efficient.
  • We clear storm water, sewer, grease and all forms of piping systems that are required.
  • Our cctv camera is able to view the cause of the blockage on the camera monitor and then we are able to pin point the blockage and its location in the piping system. This is done through a built in sonde in the camera head and a locator that picks up its signal above the ground.
  • Locating the blockage is only done if there is a break in the piping that requires fixing and you need to pin point this break on the ground so you can expose and repair damaged sections.
  • Our high pressure water jet with a variety of jetting nozzles makes light work of blockages, blasting them with 4000psi water pressure. The jet nozzle self-propels through the pipe system clearing all in its path.
  • We supply a comprehensive report of the issue with videos and pictures.


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