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Australian Drinking Water

Is there Lead in my Drinking Water?

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Apr 16, 2019

Is your family at risk of drinking and using water that may contain dissolved lead? How would you know? The Environmental Health Standing Committee (enHealth) of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee released a statement last year that addresses how lead plumbing products can affect you. How Safe is Drinking Water in Australia? The enHealth…

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Plumber emoji with plunger

DIY: Keeping Your Drains Clog Free

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Feb 13, 2019

It is easier to keep your drains clean and avoid blockages, when the chance of something besides water going down the drain is minimal. Therefore, we can suggest a few methods and everyday activities you can use to prevent issues in your plumbing. Implementing these good habits could actually save you time, money and worry.…

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water pouring into sink

How to Clean Your Drains to Prevent Clogs

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Feb 6, 2019

When cleaning the bathroom, you most likely do not think about cleaning out the drains of your sink or bath. Although you can get by without cleaning the draining every time you clean the fixture, it is important to maintain your household drains to decrease the risk of future clogs and blockages occurring in the…

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Perth Plumber holding a plumbing wrench

The Most Common Plumbing Issues in Australia

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Jan 30, 2019

Most people feel it is better to be prepared than to be caught unawares, and what better way is there to be prepared than to know what can go wrong and how to deal with it. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most common plumbing issues homeowners face in Australia (and around the…

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animated toilet

No Water Supply? Still Flush Your Toilet!

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Jan 26, 2019

When you switch off the water supply to your house or part of it, the functionality of your plumbing becomes limited. However, there are some plumbing fixtures you may still want to keep operational, like your toilet. Losing the ability to flush the toilet while the water is shut off can be annoying, embarrassing, and…

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House plumbing problems - pipes

A Guide to Plumbing Noises

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Jan 16, 2019

Most of the time when a house creaks and groans, it is natural and part of being a house, however, there are some noises that should be paid more attention as they could be a result of a problem with your home’s plumbing. It is important for a homeowner to have a basic knowledge of…

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Tree roots can cause havoc to your drains and pipes

Are your Underground Pipes Clogged by Tree Roots?

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Jan 7, 2019

A tree’s thin feeder roots seek out organic nutrients to sustain the tree. Since your home’s underground sewer line is filled with human waste that can be used to nourish the tree, roots are likely to detect weak spots and grow into any holes or gaps in the pipes. These hair-like roots can run along…

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Install new or repair shower heads

Are you Stressing Out Your Plumbing?

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Jan 3, 2019

Over time, pipes age and become weak, which results in leaks. Although this is a natural and expected process, there are things you can do to reduce the pressure on your plumbing system so that it lasts longer without any plumbing issues. 2 Ways to Relieve the Pressure from Your Plumbing Soften Your Water If…

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Do it yourself (DIY) plumbing

Emergency DIY Plumbing Tricks for a Blocked Drain

By InspectorJet - Perth Plumbing Company | Dec 27, 2018

Over the holidays you don’t want to have to be dealing with the hassle and embarrassment of a blocked toilet or shower drain. Here are ways you can get rid of any bathroom drain clogs, without any plumbing tools, so that no plumbing emergencies spoil the festivities of the season. How to Unclog a Toilet…

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