It shocked us to read of an elderly Perth couple who got taken to the cleaners by a local Perth Plumbing company that replaced pipes in the roof with new ones and charged the couple around $15,000 for the job. After their daughter, Karen got involved the bill was more than halved.

We at InspectorJet get concerned when shady plumbing outfits do shoddy work, overcharge, don’t guarantee their work, or do work that didn’t need to be done in the first place.

We encourage getting a second opinion, especially for expensive quotes.

Check out the reviews offered by the previous clients of the various companies, and in particular, look for responses from the company to provide after-sales support in response to a negative review.

Be very clear when you communicate the problem and the symptoms when communicating the plumbing issues. Not being clear may send the plumber “down the wrong pipe”, both figuratively and literally.

Ask each company for a breakdown of their parts and labour rates. This will help you do a like to like comparison.

Clear the area so the plumber doesn’t have to waste time clearing out junk before they can get access to the problem area.

Give the plumber space to get on with the job. Don’t spend needless time engaging in meaningless conversations.

Lastly, hire plumbing contractors who have the required certifications and have the correct equipment to do the job correctly the first time.

We at InspectorJet have such qualifications and have the best equipment as outlined on this web site. Our customers have given great testimonials too. We don’t take short cuts, for the simple reason, we are one of you. We are your neighbours and want to keep our reputation clean and clear, so that we can look you in the eye with full integrity, whether that be at school, the gym, or while shopping at the shops, or eating out at a restaurant.

And to all other plumbers reading this, let’s keep the high ground. How we take care of the clients impacts our livelihood as an industry. We have all invested significantly to see the public lose trust in our profession.

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