With 40-degree temperatures causing Perth to swelter under the heat, what do you do if your water supply gets impacted?

Firstly, stay aware of the potential problems before the problems occur.

The Water Authority publishes scheduled upcoming outages ahead of time. They list the schedule on their website, like such:

How can InspectorJet help?

Contact us to ensure there are no leaks in your pipes, that could be causing you to waste water. Particularly during seasons when there are water restrictions or bans. It is cheaper to have us proactively identify leaks rather than face the prospect of fines.

According to the Water Authority “A malfunctioning irrigation controller is not an excuse for not complying with the winter ban, so check the settings on your irrigation system – especially after a power outage.”

Claiming ignorance with leaking pipes, toilets, showers and other leaks is also no excuse. Wasted water from these sources will also “land you in hot water” with the authorities.

Lastly, once you have taken care of possible leaks, keep some water stored for toilets if outages are scheduled, like fulling up the bathtubs. Keep plenty of drinking water or bottled water for cooking or to drink to prevent dehydration. And even if the outages are unscheduled you’ll be in good shape.

We cover all of Perth and the metropolitan area, but especially if you are located in Mellville or Kenwick, WA we can service you quickly as that is close to our company headquarters.

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