The skilled plumber has also the following industry-recognized quality equipment to solve your drainage problems:

  • Rigid SeeSnake: this “reptile” takes clear pictures for customers to see and understand the blockage problem. It allows the skilled plumber to quickly solve the blockage.
  • Rigid SeeSnake Monitor: this handheld monitor takes still pictures and/or videos to identify and solve drainage problems. It can also record pictures, with or without voice, for later use. A useful recording and playback feature.
  • Rigid Navi Track Scout Locator: this machine locates the position where a problem is under the surface. It also gives an accurate depth reading, a useful quick and accurate tool to solve the hidden problem.
  • HONDA Cobra drain clean pump: these machines called, “snakes”, clean different diameters of pipe quickly and efficiently.
  • RootX: this product, when correctly applied, can also be used to kill a tree or shrub roots blocking water, sewer and septic systems.

So, if you have a stubborn plumbing job that can benefit from having InspectorJet help, give us a call to discuss the details.

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