Perth is known for its quality dining experiences. Whether its fine waterfront dining is known for its seafood cuisine or eclectic Freemantle dining options. Or gourmet foods from Swan Valley or quality wines from the Margaret River region.

The Perth city center restaurants have a broad selection of international cuisines such as Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian or other European or plenty of choice for discerning diners looking for some local flare.

So whether it’s fine dining or casual fast food restaurant choices, the big question for diners is what goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen of these restaurants? Do the restaurants’ front ends and back ends match in quality?

Problems arise in any business, including restaurants and fast food establishments, but the best solutions are PREVENTATIVE ones. Always remember the RISKS to your business and the COSTS associated with these issues. Here are some ideas or actions to consider:

  • Clogged drains: in the food business, grease will always collect in the pipes. Food flushed down pipes but not properly cleared away, etc. can lead to mold growth, insect and bacteria breeding. Good maintenance will save you money, bring in happy customers – they love a clean eating place. The good news will spread and your business will grow. Even health inspectors may learn from your business and spread the positive news about your clean eating establishment.
  • Emergencies: Train your staff to PREVENT problems that may lead to the closure of your operation. Consider the following: 
  • Business closure: Should this situation threaten your business, the following factors could be responsible:

    1. Floodwaters or sewage backup will force the closure of your business. No-one eats in a foul-smelling, dirty or unhealthy restaurant. Ask your plumber to do a risk assessment and see if your business could experience such disasters.

    2. Train Staff: as new staff join your business train them HOW to respond to routine problems or emergencies. Encourage them to take ownership of the PROBLEM and SOLUTION.

    To treat the employees as if they are working for themselves. Review these problems and solutions with ALL your staff, new and old employees, on a regular basis.

    Restaurant owners, contact us for our specialized restaurant checkup.

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