Whether it is chewing on exposed pipes or clogging drains with fur and mud after a bath, pets and their needs can put a strain on your plumbing system.

Here are four tips you should follow to pet-proof your home’s plumbing to avoid plumbing issues, as well as protect your pets.

How to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing

Cover up Exposed Pipes

Pets love to chew on things and pipes that are left exposed under a cabinet or in the garden may become irresistible chew toys. Puppies are especially curious and could chew on a pipe to figure out what it is. Although no pet means any harm, chewing on a pipe can result in a leak or burst, as well as possibly mean a trip to the vet. Concealing your home’s plumbing will protect your plumbing and your pet.

Make Sure Your Pet Has Drinking Water

When pets try to drink out of the toilet it is because they are thirsty and can not find another water source. Ensure you have plenty of water out for your pet so that they do not feel the need to drink from the toilet bowl. Pets should not drink out of the toilet bowl as they can ingest harmful bacteria and the residue of the chemicals used to clean the toilet, which can lead to serious health consequences for the animal.

Rinse Off A Dirty Pet

Any mud or debris should be rinsed off of your pet before you try bathing them, as all the mud and matted fur will clog your drain. Pre-rinsing your pet outside to remove the worst of the grime before giving the animal a proper bath inside will greatly prevent a blocked drain.

Keep Chemicals Out of Reach

Bathroom cleaners, drain cleaners, and even shampoos and soaps could cause your pet to need an emergency visit to the vet, if they ingest these chemicals. Make sure your bathroom supplies are either out of reach or behind locked cabinet doors. Additionally, you should avoid drain cleaners altogether. Besides being potentially harmful to you and your pet, over time they can actually damage your pipes.
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