You may be very handy around the house, but some tasks are better left for the professionals, especially when it comes to plumbing work.

DIY remedies are known to do more harm than good, as most homeowners do not have the tools or the training to do the job properly. Here are some signs to help you know when you can handle it and when it’s time to call a professional plumber.

When is it Time to Call the Plumber?

Consistent Clogs

There are many products, such as chemical cleaners, that unblock drains. However, if the problem is consistent, then it’s time to call the plumber. Clogs that continuously form in the same place or simultaneous clogs in various locations are signs of a larger problem. You might require a drain cleaning service from Inspector Jet to have your drains working efficiently again.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in fixtures around the house are signs of a blockage or leak. It is recommended you call your water supply company or municipality for more information on if the issue is on your property or not. If the blockage is on your property, Inspector Jet is able to identify where the blockage is by using CCTV camera technology.

Finding an Underground Leak

It can be challenging to find the source of a leak without the professional assistance and equipment provided by Inspector Jet. Leaks should be addressed as quickly as possible as they leave your home susceptible to water damage, mold, and an increase in your water bill.

A Strange Smell

A plumbing problem that involves sewage backup should only be dealt with by professionals. If you experience the smell of sewage in your home, you should call us immediately. The appearance of standing water or puddles is also a sign of a sewage leak. These puddles should be avoided as they could contain toxic and hazardous waste materials.

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