Every home insurance policy is different and every insurer can have inclusions or exclusions, which determines whether or not plumbing leaks are covered. Therefore, there is no simple,‘yes or no’ answer, except that it is important to read the fine print on your policy or speak to your home insurance company directly to find out what’s covered in your home.

However, we have compiled a list of what is not normally covered in most insurance policies for reference when wanting to claim for a plumbing leak.

What Do General Insurance Policies Not Normally Cover?

A general clause across some basic home policies is that any leakage issues that could have been avoided through regular or reasonable plumbing maintenance will not be covered. Whereas the cost of repairs for a burst or leaking pipe was not covered in some policies, in others finding the leak and the repairs of resulting damage was covered.

Generally, gradual leaks or seepage, especially if they have occurred due to lack of maintenance of seals or waterproof membranes, are not covered. The same clause takes effect in the case of water leaks in walls or in basements, where the waterproofing was not adequately maintained. In some policies, gradual leaks will only be covered if it can be proved that the homeowner could not have known the leak was there, for example, a leak under the house.

Damage caused by water from a plumbing leak, which was the result of blocked gutters or drains is not usually covered. Even pipes that are blocked by tree roots, and not by what was flushed down the drain, is seldom covered.

The bottom line is you will not be able to claim from insurance if the damage could have been prevented through maintenance, such as drain inspections, and even check ups on your roof for loose tiles, overflowing gutters, and blocked gutters or down pipes.

Inspector Jet can help you avoid unexpected plumbing incidents with a regular maintenance plan and drain inspections. With our maintenance services, when plumbing problems do arise and you wish to claim from insurance, a lack of maintenance will not stop your claim from paying out.

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