Buying a house in Melville?

Welcome, neighbour! I’m Andrew. My family and I have also called Melville home. We love this family-friendly community and we wish you all the best making a good choice.

Some of the reasons we chose Melville home includes the following:

1) There are less than 6,000 residents. We love having a little space.
2) With the average age group of 40-49 there are plenty of people to socialise with around our age, and many have children that can be friends with our kids.
3) 82% of the homes are owner-occupied.
4) Both Melville Primary School and Melville Senior High both have an excellent reputation
5) Public transportation is excellent

The Melville, WA housing market is robust and buyers before you invest hundreds of thousands or even a million dollars into a property, take time to get

See listings of properties currently for sale in Mellville.

Since we’re about to be neighbours, we want to help you check your house for potential plumbing problems. We have invested in top of the line plumbing equipment, including drain cameras to see deep into the pipes that are invisible to the naked eye.

Also, we can get to your location in a matter of minutes so we don’t cause you to wait around for plumbers from across the city.

Our Offer to You!

And while you’re about it, ask about our Melville neightbour discount.

And if you forget our name, InspectorJet – remember it has our contact details and is easy to remember.

Melville WA, Map

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