Nobody wants to find a leaking pipe; discover low water pressure; or not be able to flush their toilet. In times like these, it is more convenient to call a plumber than try to fix it yourself, especially if you have no experience with plumbing. However, calling your plumber to make an urgent visit is not always ideal for your pocket.

Last-Minute Plumbing Costs

Leaving a plumbing issue for it to become a serious problem before taking action places strain on your plumbing and your finances. You will probably have to pay an extra fee

for the call-out and the last-minute repair will require you to make arrangements to ensure someone is in the house to let the plumber in. Lastly, you might not be ready to face the unexpected repair costs.

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In-house Plumbing Maintenance

The majority of plumbing issues can be prevented if you keep an eye on your plumbing and fixtures. Here are 5 tips you can implement in your home to avoid plumbing emergencies.

  • If you are constantly battling with blocked drains, make sure everyone in the household knows only to flush organic waste matter and toilet paper down the loo. Anything else can potentially block the toilet.
  • Use a hair catcher for the shower and bath
  • Keep a separate bin for food leftovers
  • Inspect your hot water system regularly and look for cracks or signs of water leaks
  • Know the location of the relief valve on your hot water system. Keep the user’s manual for the system in an easy to find place in case of an emergency. The valve relieves excess pressure, which can prevent a hot water system from exploding.

If you discover an issue, whether it is a leaky tap or a noise in the pipes, you should act immediately. Something small can turn into a more serious issue. Plumbing is not always a priority for most homeowners and in the end they have to pay the price. Pay attention to your plumbing system and invest in a plumbing maintenance plan. It will save you time and trouble in the future and give you peace of mind.

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