Thinking of expanding on your current property but you don’t know the underground pipe layout? Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

We wouldn’t dream of digging up your garden, car park or driveway to determine the layout. We use sophisticated CCTV cameras with built in devices that are able to transmit signals and colour video for our plumbers to determine where pipes branch off and reach the septic tank.

Signals transmitted from the device tell us the exact depth of each pipe. Once our camera reaches the septic tank, we pull our camera back up through the drain, marking and mapping it as it goes, so we are able to make a map of the network on the ground above.

The Benefits:

This allows our clients to see from the ground markings where their sewer, grease or storm water systems run and can help them plan building extensions. We also provide our clients with schematics so they are able to keep the layout on record for future property development or plumbing issues.

This is a highly efficient form of drain mapping, the detective work that needs to go into finding information of the existing plumbing network before any construction can take place.

Additional Benefits:

The plan or layout will not only help where property development is concerned but can be used by the client to show plumbers the layout when there are other plumbing system issues, such as a blocked pipe. It will save time if the plumber knows the pipe layout and is able to locate the plumbing issue quickly, which will also save the client money in plumbing fees.

Thinking of going without?

Going forward with any property development without a drainwork map is a bad idea. Any mistakes that are made, such as damaging pipes or the septic tank, will be costly, time-consuming, waste resources, and can potentially be dangerous to the environment and your health.

To avoid any disastrous events before they have the chance to occur, call Inspector Jet about our Drain and Apparatus Locator Services.

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