Whether you’re just entertaining for the evening or have a house full of guests for several days, your bathrooms are going to get busy over Christmas. To ensure a Merry Christmas without any plumbing emergencies, we suggest paying extra attention to certain areas of your plumbing before your guests arrive for the holidays.

The Toilet

Look inside your toilet’s tank and make sure the flapper (a plastic ball the size of an orange) is in good condition and everything is in its correct place. In case there is an emergency, it is good to have your tools on hand. Consider leaving a plunger in the bathroom.

The Water Heater

All your guests expect to have a hot shower, so to avoid running out of hot water, stagger the times at which your guests have a shower. It can also help to set the water heater to 120 degrees (if it is not already on this setting), as it is the highest safe setting and will temporarily boost the outflow of hot water.

Garbage Disposals

Your disposal will be very helpful over this period as it can save you from some of the messiest kitchen tasks and dispose of a whole spectrum of kitchen scraps. However, the garbage disposal is not for everything. We urge you to read up on what to avoid throwing down the garbage disposal to prevent any plumbing emergencies in the kitchen.

Accidents do happen, and if you have to manually clear a clog in your garbage disposal, we recommend using your disposal’s manual for a step by step guide on how to clean out the disposal correctly and safely. You should be able to find the manual online by searching for your disposal’s manufacturer name and model number.

Most garbage disposals have a manual crank that allows you to turn the blade when it’s stuck. It is not recommended to stick your hand into a garbage disposal, even when it’s completely disconnected from its power source, therefore, the manual crank is the preferred method for loosening clogs.

Your disposal may also have a feature that shuts down the motor to prevent it from becoming damaged in the event of a clog. If your disposal has this feature, once you have cleared the clog you’ll need to press a reset button in order to restore its power.


Following these tips will help give you peace of mind that your plumbing will not be a problem this festive season. You can go one step further and find out if your local plumber will be responding to emergency plumbing call-outs over Christmas, then in the event of an emergency, you will know who to call.

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