Drain Camera Inspections are used in solving plumbing issues such as a blocked drain or a leaking pipe. An inspection can also be used as a preemptive measure when you plan to remodel your bathroom or kitchen.

At Inspector Jet, we believe our drain camera inspections provide peace of mind and accurate results.

The Inspection Process:

A CCTV push cable camera is fed into the pipe of drain and emits a bright light to be able to take clear photos and video of the pipe, and allow our plumbers to monitor what the camera is seeing in real time on a colour monitor.

The camera head has a device, called a sonde, connected to it that allows Inspector Jet plumbers to locate the exact position and depth of the camera within the drain, once the plumbing issue has been located. This is done through a handheld locator, which picks up the sonde’s signal. This means only a small amount of excavation is required if pipes have to be dug up and repaired.

From the video and photographic footage taken by the camera, we are able to give our clients a clear picture of the plumbing issue and can compile a report or DVD on the problem if required.

Footage from a drain camera inspection.

The Advantages of Drain Camera Inspections:

  1. The camera and video technology allows plumbers to search every inch of pipe for a plumbing problem. Areas that in the past were difficult to get to or inspect are no longer a problem. The footage from this technology is already digital and easy to store and put on record.
  2. Drain Camera Inspections save a lot of time as it minimizes on the time taken to search for the plumbing issue, which can save the client money in plumber fees.
  3. As the camera is able to efficiently locate the plumbing issue, there is no unnecessary digging up of plumbing. This minimizes the mess and time taken to do a plumbing job.
  4. The camera footage gives the plumber enough information on what action to take next to resolve the plumbing issue. For example, how to unblock a specific drain blockage by factoring in what made the blockage and where it is located, etc. This information gives a clear indication of how much time or effort the job will take.
  5. Prevention is better than cure, and can be more cost effective than fixing an issue once it has become a problem. Calling in a team to inspection your drains when you suspect an issue can cost you less time and money.
  6. With the information displayed by the colour monitor and handheld locator, our plumbers are able to implement a solution and get it right the first time, with no repeat visits. Any guesswork is eliminated thanks to the clear imagery provided by the camera technology.
  7. Since our plumbers are able to give our clients a report with video and camera footage of the plumbing issue, it allows the client to make informed changes to personal or business habits to prevent the same plumbing issues from occurring again.

For more information or a quote, contact Inspector Jet today and you will not be displeased with the results!

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