Not many people think to clean out their drains as part of a regular plumbing maintenance plan. It is only normally when there is a blockage that the chemicals or the drain snake come out. However, depending on the type of blockage, and what it is made from, these methods may not be effective. This can be frustrating and disgusting.

Inspector Jet are the trained professionals you need to clean out your drains. We use the latest technology to pinpoint the exact location of the blockage, and use CCTV to have an inside look at what is causing the clog. With us, you can rest assured the job is done right. Besides peace of mind, there are other benefits to having your drains professionally-cleaned.

The Advantages of Professional Drain Cleaning

Eliminate Future Clogs

Simple materials such as grease, hair, and soap residue all contribute to making any existing clogs grow larger or cause new blockages to form.

A professional cleaning will make sure your drains are flushed clean, and that no residue or leftovers will stay behind to form another blockage. The plumbing professionals at Inspector Jet have the equipment and expertise to clear up any problems and get rid of the build-ups you don’t even know about, before they cause serious plumbing issues.

Safety First

Cleaning your property’s drains can be dangerous, when you don’t have the correct training. Chemical drain cleaning solutions might provide a temporary solution and break down the clog. However, these chemicals can damage your pipes if used often, causing them to leak and burst. Professionally-cleaned drains don’t have these problems, since Inspector Jet can resolve any issue without damaging your pipes.

Find Future Issues

As part of a plumbing maintenance plan, property owners should have their pipes and drains inspected. While cleaning out and inspecting your drains, our experts can find and diagnose any threats caused by corrosion, rust, leaks, and anything else that might cause you problems with your plumbing in the future.

Contact Inspector Jet today for more information on drain cleaning and inspections.

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