A sudden plumbing problem can be very inconvenient and can turn out to be expensive to fix. Although accidents do happen, regular plumbing maintenance is the way to go to have complete peace of mind.

The maintenance of your home or business’s plumbing may not be something you think about often, but leaving the plumbing until there is a blocked drain or damaged pipe can lead to unwanted expenses, time-consuming repairs, business downtime and more.

Plumbing maintenance should include camera inspections of your drains.

4 Reasons Why you should Maintain your Plumbing:

  1. Regular plumbing maintenance is the best preventative measure that can save your home or business from ever needing emergency plumbing services, which can be costly.
  2. Continued maintenance ensures that you stay on top of repairs to cracked or damaged pipes so that a leak does not occur and cause further damage, mold or mildew, which can affect air quality.
  3. Maintenance will help save you money on your water bill as a well maintained plumbing system is the most water-efficient.
  4. Regular maintenance makes life easy as you do not have to make special arrangements to call out the plumber for an emergency service or try your own patience by trying to unclog your blocked drain.

At Inspector Jet our priorities are to maintain and service our customers plumbing issues to the best of our ability. Our professional experienced staff with the help of our top of the range equipment are able to quickly diagnose problems and solve the issues leaving you feeling happy and confident in our services.

The Main Concerns:

We recommend that commercial kitchens, storm water pipes and earthenware pipes are regularly serviced to prevent nasty plumbing surprises.

Grease tends to build up on the walls of the pipes in commercial kitchens and can cause blocked drains. To avoid business downtime and loss of income, we recommend regular maintenance and educating staff on not flushing grease down the drain, which can go a long way to saving on costly plumbing repairs.

Stormwater pipes can frequently get clogged up by leaves, other vegetation and even rubbish. Clogged stormwater drains prevent water from escaping an area, which may cause flooding and water damage.

If your house is old enough to have earthenware pipes (terracotta pipes), tree roots pose a threat as they can easily cause cracks in the surface of the pipes, damaging their structural integrity. In this case, tree roots need to be regularly removed from the interior of the pipe to prevent blockages. We are also able to line the pipes and drains with an EPA accepted aquatic herbicide, which will keep the roots at bay for 12 to 18 months. Regular maintenance will save you the cost of switching from earthenware pipes to PVC.

Do not let the neglect of your plumbing become a problem. Call Inspector Jet today for a consultation.

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